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Why Not Carrying Is A Foolish Thing To Do

People who are permitted to carry guns don’t always do, for numerous reasons. It’s something that turns into a chore for longtime gun carriers — putting on the gear can be a hassle sometimes — and when you’re late for work, you couldn’t care less.

I mean, what are the actual odds that you’ll need it? Lower than you’d like. It’s more likely for you to chance upon a stray Benjamin in the street than needing to use your gun.

The point we’re trying to get across here is, it’s not a big deal when you don’t need it — but when you do, and you don’t have it, it becomes the difference between life and death.

As aforementioned, one of the most common reasons why carriers don’t carry is the hassle of putting on gear. Putting on a winged holster is too much of a bother.

Other carriers complain about discomfort. If you have one of the larger handguns like the 1911s or the Glock 17s, lugging one around can be quite uncomfortable. Sitting down can be a pain, and the weight your carrying on your hip isn’t helping.

Others try to justify that they won’t be gone for long — just running an errand, dropping by the nearest grocery for eggs and milk, too trivial to go through the hassle. You won’t be far from home, anyway.

It happens. Everyone’s guilty. The point of getting a carry permit is so that you can conceal carry whenever possible, but there are times that we don’t anyway. How can we prevent ourselves from consciously making an excuse not to carry, then?

Well, you can try to make sure you add it to your daily routine. When it becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself not being able to leave without your gun with you. Getting your gear on wouldn’t take five minutes, tops.

Trying a different holster is also an option you can look into — specifically, one that you can put on and take off easily. Paddle holsters carry less reliably than OWB holsters and might require concealing under extra clothing like a coat or jacket, but are more comfortable when you’re seated. Paddle holsters can also be adjusted on your waistline and avoid getting your gun digging into your leg as belt loop holsters do.

There are minimalist IWB holsters that can be concealed more easily, but they’re not as comfortable as paddles. A Kydex holster is another option but can dig at your leg after a few hours wearing it.

If discomfort is the primary issue you have with avoiding to carry, try on different holsters — maybe, even a stiffer belt. You don’t necessarily have to sacrifice comfort for function and practicality, you can have both. If you’d rather get shot than equip your gear, you’re probably using gear that’s not right for you.

With that in mind, you can also ponder the possibility of getting a smaller gun. Civilians will unlikely get into a situation where they’ll need to reload and maintain the pursuit of an aggressor, so the need to pack a large handgun is not entirely the best thing to do.

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