Violation Of 2nd Amendment Is Just The Beginning — Bill Of Rights Threatened

Millions of Americans voted for Andrew Cuomo as governor of New York three weeks ago. To understand how Cuomo and most members of the State Legislate easily won re-election despite the SAFE act public fraud scandal, we must investigate the number of people who don’t own guns and know little to nothing about firearms. These people are easily fooled by politicians from the left because they don’t care about the 2nd Amendment — in fact, they are under the impression that it doesn’t affect them.

Now, should these people maintain their trust in these politicians if they start going after their 1st Amendment rights? How about the 4th Amendment?

It’s already happening, and still, they’re blind to the reality of the situation.

Brooklyn’s Kevin Parker is introducing a bill that requires anyone applying for a handgun permit or for the obligatory recertification every five years to provide the State Police with the social media log-in information so that officials can do a thorough search of their activity for the past three years, and review their Google and Yahoo search history for the entire past year.

Police would look for everything from “commonly known profane slurs or biased language” to posts “threatening … another person” to the ridiculously vague “any other issue deemed necessary by the New York state police.”

To better digest how this bill is threatening to violate this country’s Bill of Rights, we need to have a quick review of the amendments being violated — besides the 2nd Amendment, of course.

The 1st Amendment

“Prohibits Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the right to petition the government.”

The 4th Amendment

“Prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and sets out requirements for search warrants based on probable cause.”

You don’t need to have a law degree or be an expert on constitutional rights to realize that this is a blatant way of legalizing an assault on free speech and the intrusion of the citizenry’s privacy — with not even a semblance of due process or judicial review.

Americans need to discern the fact that gun owners and anti-gun groups don’t disagree on everything; both groups agree there is a need to keep firearms away from the hands of anyone who pose a risk to society. The mass shootings that have troubled America for some time now was caused by people who already raised warning signs of a possible threat — but no effective intervention was made before they snapped.

These signs are what we need to look for if we are going to prevent shootings in the future. Subjecting the American public to information pillaging by the government to determine their entire online activity is a travesty, at best.

Instead of focusing on an individual, this bill is going to push every single handgun owner against the wall, whether they’ve mentioned anything online that warrants suspicion. That’s exactly what the First Amendment’s free speech protections and the Fourth Amendment’s prohibition against unreasonable searches were designed to prevent.

“They want to punish you for things you haven’t even done,” said attorney Max Tresmond, outlining the bill’s dangers at a recent meeting of the 1791 Society, a relatively new constitutional rights group that takes its name from the year the Bill of Rights was ratified.

And what’s the limitation of this bill, truly? If your Facebook post mentions something negative about your neighbor, would that be grounds for denying your handgun permit? Is this just the beginning of the government’s ploy to ransack their citizens’ personal information for the sake of any kind of permit or license?

If you value your right to free speech and privacy, if you steadfastly hold on to the 1st and 2nd Amendment, you’ll lose the right to own a handgun. If you want to exercise your 1st and 4th Amendments rights, you have to give up your 2nd Amendment rights.

As Tresmond put it, we are all in danger “when they make you trade one Constitutional right for another.” What’s truly troubling is that it’s only directed at legal gun owners, they are the only ones affected — let’s be honest, criminals wouldn’t give a damn.

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