The Good Guy with A Gun, Or the Good Guy Disarmed? The Argument of Our Generation

The Democrats will reign over the house in January, and they are already laying out their plans on how to capitalize every single tragedy in our country to their own benefit. The issue of gun ownership will always come up, and law-abiding citizens are the ones to suffer for all of it.

During the midterm elections, Democrats vehemently denied against any accusation of working towards a final move to repeal the 2nd Amendment. After securing and winning their seats in Congress, they have finally spilled the beans and shown their true colors.

Republicans — and the Right, in general, has thrown the “it takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun” argument around in hopes that people will realize the reality and truth behind the statement. The message is lost to the Left, though. It went in one ear and went out the other.

The Democratic party and its supporters have built a massive propaganda against any form of firearm, voiding any difference between the law-abiding good guys, and the bad, criminal element.

Guns are demonized, and legal ownership no longer matters. If you’re a gun owner, you’re evil and a risk to society. If you carry, you’ll be sorry.

Democrats are not considering the factors that apply to crimes that involve firearms. They don’t understand the human element, the person who makes the decisions. They ignore the mental stability factor in these crimes. They blame it ALL on the gun. This, in turn, paints even legal gun owners in a bad light. Not only that, but they are left in a precarious situation — criminals do love going on the prowl when the prey has no way of fighting back.

If you own a gun, you’re criminal. If you ever think of purchasing a gun, you’ll be judged by the very society that is supposed to embrace you and shelter you from harm. In fact, it’s this very society we have now that tries to prevent us from defending ourselves from harm. Democrats are dividing this nation and reducing good Americans into nothing but pariahs.

No one seems to be held accountable for their deeds anymore. The tragedy, the grief that Americans are going through has been cheapened into a mere political ploy to further careers and expand control over the nation. Democrats are not about rights, they’re all about control. Unfortunately, their vision of an American utopia is unrealistic and stifles the very air that we breathe.

The scapegoat? Guns. It always must be guns. The individual can never be at fault.

Is this the kind of freedom our forefathers fought for? I think not. This discord that goes throughout the nation has nothing to do with anything foreign — it’s a fight that’s close to home, a battle that’s close to the heart.

The current leftist trend of being always politically-correct turns every woman’s voice into the truth even when it’s not. It takes hold of every vulnerable American and sways them from the realistic, factual, and evidence-backed path. Mothers cry for dead sons and daughters, but never condemn the young man who decided it would be a great a die to end the lives of innocent people. People ride a wave of anger and distrust, without ever mentioning the cause of the person’s actions.

The troubled childhood. Bullying. Depression. Pent-up anger. PTSD. Delusions. Overall mental-instability.

To better hit two birds with one stone, the Left release public statements that suggest a way to repair to prevent these events from happening — a way to heal the nation and the grieving hearts.

Do they lobby for even more intensive checks on the citizens’ mental health? Do they work on ensuring schools are secure and safe for everyone?


The American people want something to blame, and the Left point them toward guns. In turn, they make themselves look appealing and caring; and at the same time, attack the Right and its staunch stand on everything the 2nd Amendment stands for. Voila!

But we can’t stand for this. The only way we can truly do to better get the “a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun” message across is to make people recognize the fact that there are good guys and bad guys. Regardless if they have a gun or not, the way the lean is what defines them. Free will and accountability are what differs one from the other.

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