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The Top 3 Best Guns For Defending Your Home

In the wild savanna of Africa, the male lion sleeps for an average of twenty hours a day, leaving the lioness to do all the heavy lifting —  hunting for prey, feeding him, and caring for the cubs.

But even with all this, the male lion does not live a decadent lifestyle. He’s always on the alert for rival males who want to take over his pride and territory. And that’s the job he will most definitely kill and die for, no matter what.

A man will always be the one ruler of his castle, the protector of his entire domain. When you hear a window shatter, it’s your job to safeguard your wife and children (Then again, you can be a single woman living alone. Nothing wrong with that.). What’s the first thing you grab? A rolled-up magazine? A baseball bat? What if the intruder has a gun?

The best way to protect yourself and everything you love is to make sure you can always fight on equal or better terms with any possible intruder in your household. Let’s discuss the top three guns ideal for home defense.

Get Yourself Trained

Before you even consider owning a gun, it’s important that you are trained in the proper and safe way to handle one. Guns are not toys, no one can dispute the fact that they are weapons. With that in mind, your right to bear arms comes a responsibility to make sure you respect guns for what they are, and to use them with precaution.

Furthermore, a gun in the hands of an untrained man is a danger not only to himself but to everyone around him. It doesn’t matter what kind you purchase, just make sure to take a firearms course, squeeze a few rounds in a range from time to time, or even start doing it competitively.

The more you get familiar and confident, the easier it is for you to use guns for what you intended.



The gun community has always considered the pump action shotgun as the numero uno choice for home defense. The ease of use makes things less complicated for someone who wants to defend his home.

Even more important is that the mere sound of chambering a round into a 12 gauge shotgun is sometimes more than enough to get any intruder running for the hills.

Those in a tight budget (you don’t really have to splurge if you meant it for home defense) can opt to get either the Remington 870, or the Mossberg 500. Both are immensely reliable and easy on the pocket, averaging at a little more than $200.

Why Shotguns Are Easy And Reliable To Use

It’s as simple as loading the shotgun shells into the gun, pull on the pump action to chamber the round (with that iconic KA-CHAK sound), pull the trigger to fire. Pump it again to eject the shell and load another round to the chamber. Presto! You’re ready for more.

How Effective Is It?

Shotguns fire a number of projectiles, from an average of nine pullets used in buckshot, to hundreds of BB-sized pellets in birdshot. At close range and with the right kind of ammunition, shotguns are the most effective in defending your entire household.

Hell, you don’t even have to have to aim that good.


The next contender for defending your home is the good ol’ revolver. Revolvers are the most reliable and simplest to use of all handguns.

Its biggest advantage is its small size, which makes it easier to hide and access. Its size also makes it the most affordable firearm, costing only a few hundred dollars at most.

Why Revolvers Are Easy And Reliable To Use

You can get revolvers in two varieties: single-action and double-action. Single-action revolvers require you to pull back the hammer manually before firing it, just like what you see the cowboys do in old Western films.

Modern revolvers are mostly double-action variants, which makes it more convenient to use. When an intruder is inside your house, you don’t have to think of cocking that hammer.

The simple engineering of revolvers make them immensely reliable weapons, and unlike semi-automatic pistols they rarely, if ever, jam. As long as there is a round inside the cylinder of a revolver, pulling the trigger is guaranteed to make it fire. Having an unwelcome night visitor is a stressful situation, and complicating your use of a gun only makes things worse.

 How Effective Is It?

Revolvers are manufactured in a number of different calibers, and the stopping power depends on the kind of round you use.

Common options are 38 Special, .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .45 Long Colt. It’s highly recommended to opt for a .357 revolver, as you can use a .38 special, .38 special +P, or .357 magnum rounds without any fear of not firing it safely.

When it comes to effectivity, weighing the pros and cons would also be essential. Larger caliber revolvers would be more difficult to fire accurately, while smaller calibers lack the stopping power to make sure the intruder you shot down stays down.


The most well-known of all guns, it has the most visibility in films and TV and is the most distributed official-issue handgun to the police.

One of the most popular of semi-automatic handguns is the Glock, famed for its easy operation and common use by law enforcement. Good quality semi-automatic pistols can cost from a few hundred dollars to more than a few thousand.

Why Semi-automatic Pistols Are Not The Best Choice For First-timers

Using a semi-automatic handgun is loads more complicated than putting in rounds inside a revolver’s cylinder. You must be familiar with operating slide-stops and safeties, loading magazines, chambering rounds, and clearing jams (the upside of using a revolver). This additional required knowledge to properly use the semi-automatic makes it the least user-friendly of the three options mentioned so far.

The semi-automatic pistol is also the most unreliable of the three for a first-time, inexperienced gun purchaser and user. Without the proper training, it would be better to consider a shotgun or revolver instead.

 How Effective Is It?

Like with revolvers, the effectiveness of semi-automatic pistols vary on caliber. The most common calibers are .380 ACP, 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP; with the 9mm being the most popular caliber.

These three gun types provide the best form of defense for your household, most especially if you lack the necessary experience with firearms. Regardless, the proper training and practice with the gun are imperative if anyone has any chance at actually defending themselves.

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