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Women And Guns: Turning Damsels Into Femme Fatales

Medieval times have bestowed tales of princesses being rescued by valiant men on fiery steeds, helpless and destitute without these strong, able men, brimming with testosterone and good looks.

Such was the way of old. But the times have changed, and now we see more and more women becoming more open to the idea that they can defend themselves. A large proportion of American gun owners are now women, and more gun owners are now purchasing firearms for reasons of self-defense. In fact, some have become more able at protecting themselves and others compared to men.

In 2017, The Pew Research Center reported that 27% of female gun owners stated that they only owned a gun for their own protection, compared to 8% of men.

Bras, besides their function of breast support, have become an additional pocket for modern women. Women stash cash, makeup, cigarette packs, mobile phones, and other trinkets inside their bras for quite some time now. Why not handguns? Women have even become more creative with their practice of having a ‘concealed carry’ in their person, and it only shows how they value their own protection.

Every woman has felt fear and vulnerability when surrounded by men. Worse, angry men. Worse still, angry men with guns. Having a gun does not only give a feeling of security, but it also gives you a chance when things go down. Women feel a sense of empowerment they never had when still solely dependent on the protection of a male partner or guardian.

The National Rifle Association has stated that the number of women registering for classes on how to use handguns has doubled between 2011 to 2104, which is something the left-wing and anti-gun groups have not left unnoticed.

The left-wing has openly criticized the NRA’s support of feminism and women empowerment to increase women’s awareness and knowledge of guns. Anti-gun groups maintain that firearm advertisements depicting women holding and firing guns are just another way of improving gun marketing, with the images of gun-toting sultry women as another way of wooing the general public.

This is absurd at best —  the fact remains that women are more vulnerable to violence or harassment, and having a gun in their person sends a subtle fuck off message to any would-be assailant. Self-defense is a right everyone should have, and if men can practice that right, so to should women. Probably even more so.

Jogging on the same path at night, leaving work late and going to the parking lot alone, or getting a flat tire in a dark part of the road are just some of the worrisome situations a woman can find herself in. Granted, women will have a different set of fears compared to men, when in these kinds of situations. All the more reason why having a handgun in your person is always a good idea.

On the flip side, women are also vulnerable inside the sanctuary of their very own home. When a woman’s husband or boyfriend isn’t around (or if a woman is single and living alone), there are still a lot of factors that need to be considered. What if a vindictive ex-boyfriend suddenly shows up unannounced? What if someone breaks in to rob the place, and decides a rape is a perfect way to end the night on a high note?

An intelligent woman will know that a gun won’t give her a guarantee that it’ll save her life. But it’s definitely guaranteed to give her a fighting chance and settle things on more equal terms.

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